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With Coastal Creations Pools and Lagoon Builders, you can enjoy the benefits of low monthly payments and a favorable interest rate, making it a win-win situation. Instead of a lump sum payment, consider our flexible finance option for your swimming pool, lagoon, or spa. Investing in a backyard oasis not only brings joy and excitement to your family and friends but also adds value to your property. The long-lasting quality of our swimming pools makes it a worthwhile investment. We provide 100% financing with no down payment required, and for those looking to purchase a new home and add a swimming pool, the cost can be seamlessly included in the first mortgage. Explore our financing options for a stress-free investment in your dream aquatic retreat.

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Pool Equipment

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Decking & Interior Surface

Landscaping serves multiple purposes, such as enhancing aesthetics, providing privacy, offering wind protection, creating shade, and delineating different areas for recreation and gardening around the pool. Selecting the right plants is crucial for a harmonious poolside environment. Certain plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers are more suitable choices than others for your pool area.

When it comes to selecting the features for your pool, the most crucial factor to consider is how you can ensure convenient maintenance and operation. Automation plays a pivotal role in ensuring seamless functionality of your pool. Additionally, the inclusion of a spa can greatly enhance your pool experience. Considering the benefits it offers, adding a Salt Cell is a valuable upgrade. It's essential to carefully weigh these significant components of your pool setup.

When it comes to decking, it's essential to envision the big picture. Poolside enjoyment plays a crucial role in maximizing the overall pleasure of your pool area. Consider incorporating poolside seating, lounges, and shaded retreats to elevate the experience. In limited spaces, the rolled bond beam technique offers a great alternative to traditional decking, allowing landscaping to extend near the pool's edge. When it comes to the pool interior, a plethora of stunning surfaces are available. Get in touch with us to explore the diverse range of finishes, from natural stone-like appearances to options that enhance the inherent beauty of water.


Enhance Your Space with Affordable Water Features

Brighten your pool area with an elegant water feature not only provides years of enjoyment but also increases the value of your home. From beautiful fire pits to therapeutic spas and sparkling fountains, we offer a variety of exciting water features to create the perfect setting for your new pool.


Pool Heater

Investing in a heater can significantly extend your pool or spa enjoyment throughout the year, providing more time for leisure, workouts, and relaxation. A heating system not only enhances your experience but also doubles the value of your investment.


Over the Top Water Feature

Enhance your pool with a sophisticated water feature that breathes life into your surroundings and provides years of added enjoyment. This investment not only elevates the value of your home but also creates a serene ambiance. While not essential, beautiful rock waterfalls can bring a delightful change in mood.

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