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Elevate your backyard with our custom pool creations

let us build your dream pool

Take your time and research what you want.  A pool is the ultimate family fun!

At Coastal Creations Pools and Lagoons, we pride ourselves on being the design experts in the industry. Whether it's crafting beach entry sand pools or constructing elegant Concrete Pools, we approach each project with the creativity of an artist, ensuring our clients receive the ultimate design. Our specialty lies in creating the perfect backyard setting and outdoor Oasis. From start to finish, our residential clients are our top priority, receiving the utmost attention and care throughout the entire process.

The build process

Concrete Shell

The pool cavity undergoes a rigorous process, where it is meticulously sprayed with 4500-PSI shotcrete, followed by a specialized handcrafting to achieve your preferred design shape.

Pool Finish & Startup

The pool basin undergoes a thorough cleaning and preparation process prior to the application of the pool finish. Following the application, it is promptly filled with water, initiating the curing process. It's essential to note that a minimum duration of 28 days is required to adequately balance the chemical levels and fully prepare the pool for utilization. This process ensures optimal safety and enjoyment for all users.

Grading & Plumbing

Upon securing the concrete shell, the deck area undergoes a meticulous grading and compaction process aimed at mitigating potential cracking. Subsequently, the remaining plumbing components are precisely installed. To assure system integrity and absence of leaks, we conduct thorough pressure tests.

Final Clean-up

Upon the completion of the cleaning, grading, and preparation of your yard for landscaping, the final touch is the application of the pool deck coating. This is followed by a comprehensive chemical treatment. Consequently, your pool is primed for use, promising you several years of enjoyment and relaxation.

Tile and Stone

Should you opt for the enhancement of brick coping, it will be meticulously installed prior to the pouring of the concrete deck. Following this, tiles will be systematically placed around the periphery of the pool, precisely at the 6-inch waterline row.


Our adept decking team can proficiently install decks on a concrete sub-deck, or alternatively on a base composed of crushed concrete and shell. The establishment of these decks can be further fortified with either a concrete curb footer or a structural footer for cages. The process involves our crew shaping the deck area, following which they pour the concrete. To mitigate the risk of cracking, they strategically apply saw cuts to the deck within a 24-hour timeframe.

Designing your pool

There is a ton that goes into designing your dream pool.  We take the confusion out and give you options that are best for you.

Pool Tile

Porcelain, Glass, Marble

Quartz, Stone Scape, Pebble Tech 

Lights, jets, and bubblers

Quartz, Stone, Jewel, Pebble

time for an estimate

let us build a simple estimate for you to consider the possibilities

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