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Environmentally Kind

Our sand lagoons make more efficient use of resources (water, energy, raw materials) thus having a reduced impact on the environment for the entire life of the pool from production to installation to everyday use.

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Great for the Environment

TOTAL ABSENCE OF CONCRETE: Concrete is not an environmentally friendly material, to make, use, or to dispose of. To gain the raw materials to make concrete, large amounts of energy and water must be used. Quarrying for sand and other aggregates used in concrete causes environmental destruction and pollution. Concrete is also claimed to be a huge source of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Some claim that concrete is responsible for up to 5% of the world’s total amount of carbon emissions, which contribute to greenhouse gases. A massive amount of heat is needed to create raw cement materials such as limestone, chalk, iron ore, sand, calcium, aluminum, silicon are burnt at high temperatures, then once formed into a rock-like substance, it is then crushed into cement powder.

EPDM IS CHEMICALLY STABLE AND COMPLETELY INERT: EPDM does not contain polluting additives and heavy metals like concrete. EPDM does not release harmful substances in the environment. Old installations of EPDM can be burned for energy production (since it does not produce dioxins), disposed of in landfills or recycled for the production of new EPDM. EPDM is recommended by Greenpeace as an alternative to PVC plastic.

CERTIFICATION OF THE RESIN: Properly hardened resins are considered inert and can be disposed of together with the inert sand/stone material of the pool.

STABILITY OF THE EXCAVATION: Slopes from 10 to 50 max. Fewer resources used = saved time and money. No steel or wood needed to shore unstable soils.

For the Consumer

LagoonScape's Lagoon vs. Traditional Concrete Pools:

  • Microban antimicrobial technology built into the surface of the Lagoon

  • Less expensive to maintain then a typical swimming pool

  • A green technology/ environmentally friendly

  • Totally customizable without the primum upcharges,

  • Natural look

  • True beach entries

  • Less repairs to the yard once construction is completed

  • Beautiful all year round

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